Sequence Multivitamins for African Americans

Sequence Multivitamins for African Americans
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Developed by a Black physician, Sequence Multivitamins are tailored to the research-confirmed deficiencies found in our community. More vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc in Sequence Multivitamins addresses wide-spread deficiencies that may lead to worse health outcomes. Our formula also leaves out selenium and vitamin K due to a question of some potential harm. Sequence Multivitamins for African Americans . . . "Because Our Needs are Different."

Which multivitamin should I take? As a physician, I get this question multiple times a day, every day. Sequence Multivitamins were designed to meet the needs of African American men, women, and the unique needs of older adults.
Because my patient practice is 90 percent African American, the vast majority are severely vitamin D deficient. In fact, four out of five African Americans are vitamin D deficient compared to less than one in three White Americans. The majority population, who most vitamin companies naturally target, have nutritional needs that are substantially different. Vitamin D deficiency is also associated with increasing diabetes, hypertension, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and more. African Americans have the highest risk for all of these diseases.
Other vitamin deficiency patterns exist as well in Black Americans. A study conducted at Duke University Medical Center found that in African Americans, but not whites, lower levels of beta-carotene and vitamin C were significantly associated with increased heart problems and increased cancer.
Interestingly, there are also significant risks and poor health outcomes associated with certain vitamins. Vitamin E was studied in over 130,000 people and those that took 400 IU (the most common supplement dose) or higher, had an overall higher risk of dying from any cause. Vitamin E supplements were also shown to significantly increase the risk of prostate cancer in healthy men. Given that African Americans have the highest death rate of any racial/ethnic group in the United States (including prostate cancer), taking a vitamin that potentially increases these already bad outcomes, makes no sense. Unlike most other multivitamins, Sequence Multivitamins for African American has no vitamin E.
Vitamin K is critical for normal blood clotting but African Americans have an increased risk of forming bad blood clots after surgery and associated with strokes, heart attacks, and DVT’s (deep vein thrombosis), therefore additional vitamin K in a multivitamin for this population should also be avoided. Unlike most other multivitamins, Sequence Multivitamins has no vitamin K.
Magnesium has also been shown to improve diabetes control and stabilize blood vessels. Sequence Multivitamins are fortified with magnesium.
Potassium has shown benefits in heart rhythm stability and blood pressure control. There has been data that suggests African Americans have lower potassium levels overall which could be related to the increased incidence of diabetes and helpful in preventing heart or stroke problems. Sequence Multivitamins has added potassium.
As you can see, a good deal of thought went into the formula for Sequence Multivitamins making them the single best multivitamins for African Americans. Make your new year’s resolution to replace the vitamins and minerals you need to put you in position for a healthy and happy 2022. Go to to order your bottle.

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  • Sequence Multivitamins for African Americans
  • Sequence Multivitamins for African Americans
  • Sequence Multivitamins for African Americans


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